Big guys in Clash of clans – Guide to Giants

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Giants are the big guys in Clash of Clans, they are perfect protecting units that are essentional if you are using Barbarians or Archers in the game.

You will get Giants as third unit in the Barracksand then you can use them as your primary protective unit. Giants have preffered target, and they preffer defensive structures, or in otherwords they will attack any defensive structure that is nearest neglecting any troop.But, they will not attaack Clan Castle, from some reason they do not consider Clan Castle to be a defensive structure, but ?Tower.When they destroy all defensive structures, they will turn to attacking enemies. Because they are third units in the game, they are supposed to be combined with Archersand Barbarians, and that is acctuall fact, one of the most efficiant army setup in the game is Barbarian/Archer/Giant compositin. They have, as you may expect huge ammount of health, but they are very slow, so to make sucessfull attack you will need to support them with some additional unitsm once again Archers and Barbarians are ideal for this role. The Giants nightmare is a group of towers, they can be really lethal for your Big Guys! The best way of using this units is to place them before weakest units in the army and occasionally help them with some spells. They stack well with Rage spell, that will double their damage, but also Haste or even Healing spell nay be extremly usefull when used on Giants.

They are much more better units for destracting purposess, because they have greater health pool, and they can receive more attack they Barbarians. They also are very helpfull to Clash of Clans Astuce 2016 and other ranged clases then Archers, Wizards, for example, where the principle is the same – place your Giants before your ranged units as a shield and nuke Towers from distance with Archers or Wizards. It is very simple Clash of Clans strategy, but at the same time very effective. You should not strife to create some complicate strategies, most often very simple solutions works well, in this game low level units are the best effective way of raiding simple because they are cheap and you will not lose a lot of resourcess if you use them in the battless. Think about that!

Good strategy is also to send your Giants together with few Healers, it will be very effective, from simple reason that your Giants have huge ammount of health and Healers are able to quickly replenish lost hit points. In other words it is ussually win-win combination.
Giants are one of the most widely used troops in Clash of Clans, with little practice you they will also become one of your favored troops in the game.

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Homefront 2 – Fiasco or?

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Homefront, was mostly a pretty average FPS, which had nevertheless choosing a original background (the occupation of the United States by North Korea), and a license that has almost disappeared together with his publisher THQ. Recovered by Koch Media, set to make his return in 2016 in the hands of young Dambuster Deep Silver.

We must admit that we never imagined that the Homefront license would be saved with psn code generator no survey, after the sinking of THQ. A first mediocre episode, a name that does not necessarily speak to the general public, a genre where Tauliers crush competition, a first aborted recovery in Crytek UK: there was still a lot of reasons that the series remains in ‘shadow. Still, it landed at Deep Silver Dambuster to be rebooted. Yes, after a single episode. The context remains broadly the same: that of a hypothetical US invasion by North Korea. However, this second opus up a little later than the first chronologically, after four years of occupation, in Philadelphia turned into militarized ghetto. Amidst all this, you are an ordinary citizen, becoming a guerrilla or a leader of the Resistance. The adventure takes place in Philadelphia, where the first American Revolution began.

We are in 2016  and the big-budget video games often do swear by the open-world. To get a place in the sun, Homefront: The Revolution therefore begins to fashion. Philadelphia should be a playground divided into green zone (districts of Korean troops), yellow zone (the ghetto where resistance has its roots) and the red zone (where it fried in between). If you prefer to leave the conditional, it is because we could not play a single short session in the red zone. Therefore difficult to assess the metastructure the game, what happens between missions, solo screenwriting, etc. The area in which we carried out our mission, consisting essentially of dilapidated and abandoned buildings for a lackluster result was crisscrossed by drones and patrols in every direction.

We were for example discussed the changes in the open-world following our actions: it can remain cosmetic, but will also result in a change in the background, in the functioning of Philadelphia, in the sense that emerges in even in the gameplay (with the support of more resistant in the field). We would have liked to explore the daily occupation zones, taste the gloomy atmosphere promised by the development team, but it will take to be fixed on it, and therefore more heavily on the artistic direction of the game.

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Tips for using Instagram Like a Pro

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Instagram is the faultless tool to quickly share the moment. You take a photo, you add a filter if desired, Instagram share your photo! Ideal! You should only wait for comments the or likes to come to your account.

You probably already use instagram followers hack, Facebook and Instagram, so make sure to add all of your Twitter and Facebook contacts and friends. Do not imitate, but it could put you on track to begin, be sure to look among the most popular pictures making a successful picture, the kind of images or colors. Be sure to check out photos of your contacts to participate by point out on their workings. Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram, but you should try to emphases on Instagram rather than Facebook, in otherwords one like on Instagram has greater value. If you have a free moment be creative, add some interesting texture, or shot from uncommon angle. Always check the quality of your photos if they are blurred or technically imperfect you will not attract the responsiveness of your viewers. Do not take your photos directly from Instagram, because you will have an original, much better picture saved in your phone. Take a second and make sure at least to frame correctly while being immobile (or less mobile possible). At worst, take another one if you can! Then, you can buy a Mobi card, for transfers among your mobile device and camera. Lastly, if you favor to take your photos with professional camera, transfer your pictures on your tablet or phone before posting. Do not blindly apply a filter on each of the photographs you share on Instagram. An effective photo does not require filter to being great amount of likes.

Remember to use popular hashtags! It will be easier to find your campaign on Instagram. Share the latest activities or events that occur in your business: promotions, new collection, competition. You can share pictures on the news of your company. We advise you to visit the most popular brands on Instagram, it will give you a good idea about how creative trends can be used. When using Instagram for your business, try to be unique and distinctive.

That’s it, our selected tips for upgrading your Instagram activity to new level. Do not forget that the only thing that is important is confidence and determination to succeed in online marketing, including promotions on Instagram.

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The Jackbox Party Pack 2 -Xbox One

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The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is a compilation of four games and one that misses the target. The Jackbox Party Pack 2available with free xbox live codes, continues in the same quality as the original. You must select the game you want to play, chose a one of the four characters and all the players, then enter the code and user name. The process is absolutely effortless, as a requirement when you try to get eight players online. Five games are included in free xbox live codesthe game and how best to meet them is to run through them one by one.

Bomb Corp.- is an intriguing – if somewhat lengthy game – and provides a stiff challenge for up to four players. Play as trainees bomb Corp, players are tasked with defusing bombs before they explode and kill everyone. The instructions to defuse the bombs are spread across the screens of several players, so the player can get a message while two players looks at a screen saying that odd blue wire should be cut, even if other rules suggest that they should not. Confusing? Well, that is the point of the game!

Quiplash XL –  is identical to the stand-alone version of Quiplash although prompts Quip DLC Pack 1 are included, as well as 100 other quests on top of that. Similar to original the game pulls a fast and invites players to enter freeform answers. Other players – players or up to 10,000 of your audience – can vote on anonymous answers to find a winner.

Fibbage 2 is a sequel to the original, with more than double the amount of questions from the first round, in addition to a “50/50” option called “defibrillator” that can be used once in a game to reduce the amount of a possible answer there. Players receive a sentence which has a missing word. Each player types in what they think is a credible alternative (but incorrect) for the word, the objective is to get other players to vote for your lie!

Earwax is a brand new addition to the mix. Here, a player acts as a judge in every twist and chooses a prompt. The other players are all given a different range of sound effects to choose from. They each have to select two sounds from the panel that more closely – or nonsense!

Bidiots is without doubt the weakest of the five games. Each player is offered two words and must draw a picture that is representing a word. If you guess a word each player receives a sum of money with which to bid on the images as they come to auction. Each player will receive a couple of “index” messages on the screen of their device to tell them how much the designs for specific words deserve. So the three knew that the number one player drawing is worth $ 3,500, while no one else, doesn’t know the sum. If you can work on the image that is supposed to represent the word and pick it up at auction for less than the real value, you are a winner.

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FIFA 16 Thoughts and Tips

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Here are tips to become a pro in FIFA 16!In this sequel, the game developers have introduced AI elements and with this enhancement, defense is more responsive and aggressive. You will get used to this feature that makes it more realistic play. The 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 are the most common formations, but do not hesitate to use the 3-5-2 that will provide a greater density in midfield, and more offensive aproach.

Being a good player FIFA also mean to master the different types of passes that are available: short pass or long pass. Only by alternating all types of passes you will manage to develop dominance on in the field and score goals always surprising your opponents. Another novelty introduced in FIFA 16 is in the defensive area. Indeed, press B or round (depending on the game console) to approach the opponent and try to get the ball. It is impossible to fault with this method, however, it does not always recovers possession of the player. The FIFA Ultimate Team game mode (FUT for short) allows, as its name suggests, establishing the best possible team. But it is not meant just to to add up players without thinking. We must also take into account the team to create an alchemy, and pay particular attention to the players who have to play together. As each new installment, EA has expanded the number of dribbles available with instant free fifa 16 coins. To master  many dribbling possibilities is one of the keys of success in this game.

Among the new dribbling which are now an integral part of the game, there is one that allows you to put your opponent on trials even withouth touching the ball. In this new version of the game, the defense has been greatly improved to make it harder for attackers and make goal. The kicks are an offensive phases of the game that can allow you to win even if your opponent is especially tough in the game. To do these choose your good shooter and pay particular attention to his favorite foot to deceive the goalkeeper. However, you will have more control of the game unlike in previous versions. The career mode has also been improved. You can take control of the coach, essential link of a team, but also a player ifyou decide career option to make him a real star.

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Dragons, force from sky

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This flying unit has a massive health pool with a good DPS, giving dragon the ability to create serious havoc! Dragon is one of the strongest units in Clash of Clans, the strength of the Dragon is countered by the high cost and long-term training, but you can help yourself with clash of clans cheats! A level 4 Dragon cost 42,000 Elixir for a 20 unit supply; so a dragon army contributed to the Town Hall 10 will cost over 500,000 Elixir! The dragon is also one of the most expensive Elixir based units in the game, especially with the upgrades.

Dragon slow speed is balanced by its High resistance. This slow speed leaves Dragon vulnerable to air defense towers nestled deep in the enemy base. The Dragon has great health and moderate damage (taking into account its cost of supply). His real strength is of course its ability to fly, allowing it to float over the walls. An army of only 10 or 12 Dragons will crack well defended bases, especially with a lot of Rage at the right time or lightning spells trio to destroy air defense tower. Dragons are not commonly used in farming, but they have their uses. Mainly, Town Hall 8 and 9 players who have more Elixir and instead are only on farming for Dark Elixir can use Dragons.

Any Hall 7 Hall 8 player can be 100% defeated with 3 lightning spells and a dragon army! Dragons are a great unit for Th7 TH8 players to use in Clan Wars. All you have to do is to drop 3 Lightning spells on Air Defense then drop your Dragons. Town Hall 7 players, which is all there is to it – with a single air defense remaining after lightning spells, 10 Dragons will wipe a 100% basis, regardless of what is in the Castle Clan or whatever the towers or upgrades are present at the base.

Use 3x lightning spells to take the down air defense tower that are the greatest danger for your Dragons (preferably also the highest tower). Dragons work well with both lightning spells and Rage spells. As previously mentioned, 3 spells Lightning is perfect for a tanking down air defense. This is particularly useful when you are attacking high level Towers with Dragons, such as resource storage buildings or the Town Hall. We tried to present you basic Dragon strategy in this blog article, leave a comment and enjoy in playing Clash of Clans!

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Mighty Attack Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

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The entire Clash of Clans game is built with a strategy and each decision you make can have fatal consequences. Here are some strategies,that you can use together with clash of clans cheats, so you can implement and that will help you make the most of your soldiers, your resources and time available.
Always compare to the enemy in terms of experience, troops and defense. Know how many hits your troops can endure with different turns. This way you do not waste your troops. Often you can see what kind of forces your opponents have in the military camp. It can also give you information about the player and let you know if it will be able to take his revenge. Whether he will be able to take revenge you must know your defense and comparing with previous attacks. Always count how much your troops cost, so that you know how much you need to go before you make profit. This greatly facilitates the choice of best targets. I recommend you use this calculator – calculator for Clash of Clans. Remember that the troops and spells cost money as well as finding the target.

Look for empty areas around their base; they generally indicate that they are placed traps. Knowing the size of traps can also help you identify the traps that were they are placed. For example, placing an archer or a barbarian in a giant bomb will save your Giant! If you use PEKKA it is important to discover the hidden Tesla because they inflict double damage to PEKKA. Know your units: Use giants as shields before placing your archers or your weaker units. Do not place any flying units near air defense positions (remember they are at long range and they’ll come down quickly). If you choose flying units, use ground units to get rid of air defense before placing them.

The trick of the joint wall is very easy to understand. In fact, attacking the wall where two sections meet, you can access both sides with a single wall breaker which will make your attack more efficient. It is possible to activate the multi-touch on your smartphone, so you can send 2-3 waves of enemies simultaneously. This can be used in a number of strategies to flank and cover large areas simultaneously and very quickly. Usually you have to go to Settings> General and enable multitasking gestures in Clash of Clans.

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