How to Survive in Nether?

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The Nether is a strange and dangerous place of Minecraft, also known as Hell. To reach it is necessary to use comment avoir un compte minecraft premium gratuit and build a special portal. In this part of the comprehensive guide to Minecraft you’ll discover what to do in Nether if you want to survive and what activities you can do during your stay in Nether. Although it is not the use as walkthrough, here you will find a series of tips and pointers to move around the Nether. Do not let a single corner undiscovered Minecraft and remember that this guide is for both PC and Xbox 360, although the 360 ​​version might not even have so much as on the PC.

Your first steps in Nether

The first thing to do in the Nether, if you care to stay alive is to build a wall with stone blocks, which you must carry in your inventory from the “normal world”. This serves to explosive fire balls of the Ghast (an exclusive enemy of this place). Besides looking for our health, we must protect the portal we have created to access the Nether. To do this, in a display of imagination and ingenuity, we should build another wall of stone blocks in front of the portal. And it is that if an explosive spit of Ghast reached this is what we will have to go out and use the lighter on it to work.

What to do in Nether?

As in any Minecraft, in the Nether we can get minerals and objects that will help us build anything that allows our imagination. So, here we can get some rare minerals, such as Bright Stones, plus face only enemies of this world, as Ghast, the Pigman Zombie and other creatures (some of them are available only in the PC version). In the Nether there is no water, but if we can melt ice and, and approach some mobs, including octopus and squid. In this way, we can get a bunch of Ink, necessary for some types of recipes. Here you can also find the Nether Fortresses, similar to the normal world, but with the peculiarities of this place. Remember to create a new map in the Nether, because normal is useless. The compass and clock skew in the Nether. Do not try to sleep in a bed, as this will explode if you try to sleep in it. A curiosity of the Nether is that there is an abundance of mushrooms, so you can develop your skills as mycology expert.

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5 tips to improve your photos on Instagram.

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Instagram is a photo sharing application with more success than any other photo sharing site in recent years. Its success is based on being able to take pictures in a casual way, giving them a nostalgic retro edit / artistic effect and share them immediately from your mobile. If you want to tell your story based on pictures from this mobile app, here are 5 basic tips to make your Instagram a corner full of life with free instagram followers instantly!

1.What to capture ?  The beauty lies in the details of everyday life. Look around and observe. Keep it simple, the most beautiful things are closer than we think. An ancient object, the hand of a baby trying to find the feel of his new toy, a sunset, a smile, a look. Everything has its value and deserves to be photographed and shared.

2.The importance of light. It is important that our images have good contrast. We can achieve this by playing with lights and shadows we’re going to capture. This will improve the outcome of our pictures when we apply filters available to the application. If the subject of your photograph is an object, it is advisable to seek a soft light.

3.Composition. If you try to take a photo directly from the application, you will notice that the visible area is a square format 1: 1. But if you take the picture from the native application on your mobile device, the rectangular area will be visible. When you import these photos to the application rectangular part of them they could be trimmed around the edges, therefore, if you use this option for your photographs think in squares!. You can place the motives or people in the center of the image. Or divide the area into 4 points placing them in each of the elements to highlight. Play with these points for interesting compositions.

4.Angles and perspectives. Dare with more unusual points of view. One of the most successful prospects is chopped, ie, take the picture from top to bottom. Also try with photographs diagonally. Take advantage of the versatility of the mobile phone and not worry about a perfect frame.

5.Close-ups. Properly using the Tilt-Shift function we can add depth to our photographs. This tool blurs the picture except for the area you want to highlight. This area can be horizontal or vertical. We can also create a circular point. Get as close as possible to the person or object you want to portray. On this way you can have a first plane more attractive and let background elements blurred.

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Play Guitar as Carlos Santana – Guitar Hero Live on Playstation 4

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Guitar Hero Live, with free psn codes is trying to change the way musical games operated for more then a decade. Will new game from FreeStyle Games succeed to change stereotypes’, or it will be forgotten after month or two?

The introduction of new six buttons by FreeStyle Games feel different, very fresh, and especially challenging. If we’ve been playing Guitar Hero for years it will cost a little to adapt to the system and redesigned color-codes, especially as we go playing more complex songs or entering in the higher difficulty modes. But, do not worry. Although the change is profound, basically we are talking about the same kind of touch . That is, bar and tremolo will touch intact and running the same way, as well as double combinations – , this time in black and white- and triples of the same color, will reappear descend through the usual rails.

The system works. And works very good. Maybe we could say it’s a fun approach which would play a guitar, up looking like that is a notch above in terms of sense of simulation-despite the enormous distances that separate it from playing a guitar or bass in truth, compared to its closest competitor, Rock Band 4. Both are fun, no doubt, but the feeling of playing Guitar Hero Live on higher difficulty levels, is more challenging and addictive.

FreeStyle Games are aware of the acclimatization period requiring the change of colors and layout, and therefore offers us a kind of basic tutorial that let go and play with our reformulated instrument without fear, taking advantage of the way, to introduce another of its elements and attractive aesthetics.
Guitar Hero Live provides an aesthetic and an audiovisual presentation that we believe is unmatched among the games genre right now. Getting rid of doodles and three-dimensional virtual characters for other deliveries, and distancing, once again, of its nearest competitor, the Activision game investigates into the musical atmosphere at its best: live concerts.
Live Guitar Hero is divided into two modes of play, GH and GH Live TV. In the first Guitar Hero Live brings experience of the guitarist for a number of different groups across two major festivals, held in the US and UK. The second, GH TV is the first interactive network playable seven days a week. As a conclusion, we may say that Guitar Hero Live is probably the best musical game in the genre up to date. Reason more to start your rock and roll adventure with Guitar Hero Live on Playstation 4!

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My Fifa 16 Trophies Guide

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Fifa 16 offers many trophies that  are obtainable if you invest some time and effort. Just work with real-life friends or PSN, fifa 16 coin generator. The most difficult to get are online ones, which will count only and exclusively your skills. It’s up to you to train!

Here are my recommended steps:

  • Step 1 – in about: 10 minutes

Play Mode “Tests Skills”, the “basic” to begin to become familiar with the controls and to unlock the two bronze trophies: “ABC” and “model student”.

  • Step 2 – indicative time: 5 minutes

Devote aspect “social” game, watching a video of those proposed by EA, sharing a ‘activities, buying and giving away an object from the catalog EASFC. You will get four bronze trophies: “Sit”, “Fanatic of the social”, “Everything for me” and “Selfless”.

  • Step 3 – in about 2 hours

Start mode “Career”, possibly with a team that has a good budget to spend in the transfer market session. You simply have to win a tournament pre-season, making seven substitutions in a ‘pre-season friendly, buy a player of 80 evaluation, complete five training sessions and improve an attribute of one of your players. This will give you the four bronze trophies: “rolling start”, “Shuffle the cards”, “drill sergeant” and “From the example” in addition to the silver trophy: “Work in Progress”.

  • Step 4 – in about 1 hour

Play the women’s tournament “Women’s International Cup” and win the tournament trying to score five goals in a game, to make a goal with a finesse and keep possession of the ball after a slip. You will have the possibility to simulate the tournament, but try to play at least a couple of games to unlock the trophies. In this step, you will get five bronze trophies: “We are here!”, “Performance sublime”, “I’ll do it!”, “Do it with style” and “New silverware”.

  • Step 5 – in about 8 hours

Start mode “Ultimate Team” mode immediately and dedicate Draft. Arrive by the end of the “mini tournament” both online and offline. These two sessions, if you manage to complete them the first time, will take you three hours away and conquer the two trophies: “rehearsal” and “The Invincible”.Buy a player from the Transfer Market and played 10 games with him to get “absolute Debut” and “A staunch ally …”

  • Step 6 – in about 2 hours

Switch to “Seasons online” and win the title for the two bronzes: “New division?” and “Champions!”. Finally complete a season online with a friend to get “who finds a friend …”.

  • Step 7 – in about 1 hour

Start mode “Pro Club”, win a game to get the two bronzes: “Among the professionals” and “A good start …”. Play a round on the fly to get “test bench”.

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New Patch for FIFA 16 is out!

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Rejoice fans of Fifa 16, because latest patch is just camo out from EA workshop and it is fixing some of the important issues that were not right after the initional release of the game. EA is really, I mean really trying to make  this game the best EA games ever, and for sure the best FIFA game, so you will definetelly need free fifa 16 coins and here is short list of improvements that were applied in this latest, patch to Fifa  16.

Developers announced that they worked on improving the primary reaction of players, especially in the defence line. Now, the reaction to ball movements or to movements of opponent should be much, much more natural, they should react with more natural feeling.  EA stated that they tried to apply certain inovations when it comes to such reaction, very sophisticated algoritm were developed, and applied to mainframe of the game. That should meake this game even more tuned then before, we will test it and let you know the results. Another thing that is changed in this patch is a fact that for consumables you will not use bronze or silver anymore, now consumables, such are contracts will use gold instead.

The reaction of a goalkeeper was the major issue that was addressed, now he should follow the movement of the ball and react faster on changing in the environment. Few minor fixes were applied in terms of reducing speed for some players. This is a fix that came as a reaction of community which stated that some players are still overpower in terms of extra speed. As we all know, EA changed its focus from speed oriented game, such was Fifa 15, to more tactical simulation solutions, such is FIFA 16.

It seems that developers listened to the community in this issues, because those are the same concerns that they are willing to improve in future. Was it good or bad decision, we will see how community will react. EA developers are still encouraging FIFA 16 community to continue with sending notes, comments and lists of known glitches or fixes to them, it seems that they are very fast in executing such demands from fans and community in general. That is off, course a nice thing, and other developers should definitely follow their example. If you are just connected your console, you should wait some time, and after the patch is fully loaded, it will start the  game. Let us know what are your comments to this patch, and if you have any more complains, send them to EA developers, meyby your desire will be fulfilled in some patch in a future.

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GTA 5 UpdatePreview

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The newest game in GTA universe will soon get major update that will be more or less focused on improving GTA Online features, which is exclusive GTA 5 multiplayer mode. As Rockstar North stated, exact date of update is not fixed, it will depend upon current demands and bug reports, but it seems that PS4, PC and Wii players will get GTA 5 update much faster than owners of PS3 or Xbox 360.

Update will bring a lot of content and add few new things in the game, that are exclusively made for GTA Online. The Freemode will get huge update with tons of new things to do in the game without necessity to leave standard world. Owners of PS4 and Xbox One will receive Rockstar Editor with this update.

Rockstar Editor will be available only for owners of Playstation 4, Xbox One or PC, due to limitation in updating newest console systems, issue stat Rockstar addressed a year ago. GTA Online is getting new items with each update, and it seems that the game reached limits of current consoles in terms of physical memory capacity.

The developer warned that each future update may bring additional risk to older systems, because they are not capable to process such huge amount of information. All that means that future GTA 5 updates will be focused more on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, that will allow larger usage of memory. On such systems, developers may focus on creating additional content and create more complex assets. It seems that GTA Online will continue to grow as a game focused on last generation systems.


According to Rockstar North, almost 10 million players are logging to GTA Online every week, which demand fast and reliable updates with new and exciting content. If you are still playing on some older console system, it is good time to consider an upgrade to Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

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The Order 1886

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The Order is situated in a fantastical, yet fairly grounded interchange tackle Britain in 1886. In this timetable, the request of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table still holds influence as men and ladies who have discovered approaches to extend their lifespans to many years. On the other hand, at any rate, that is the suggestion. In this taking, the knights of this request are doing combating the crossbreeds – Lycans, to be particular.

That is extravagant talk for “werewolf,” onthe order 1886 3 the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea. To fight this risk, they’ll utilize a great deal of standard computer game weaponry, similar to a variety of guns, a couple rifles, and some more “science” weapons, similar to a lightning-propelling curve firearm or a piece that discharge thermite dust at targets just to touch off said dust with a dispatched flare, copying your objectives where they stand.

The Order highlights lavishly nitty gritty situations that truly offer exactly how beaten down and broken this substitute tackle Victorian London has got to be. The character models look pleasantly practical and beside a couple of abnormal in-amusement minutes where the AI characters got stuck on corners or kept running into dividers over the order 1886 1and over, the movement is the absolute choice. On the off chance that you are the kind of comfort proprietor who needs to see a graphical show-stopper, then you ought to see The Order. The characters and their successful liveliness are further floated by acceptable dialog and quality voice exhibitions from the cast. It’s surely one of the better-looking comfort amusements available.

The story moves down the thinking for that and all, yet the way disappointment is met with a fast point of your hero getting impacted in the face by a watchman makes the entire thing feel like it dropped out of some abnormal world where Laser Disk amusements are as yet lord. It’s not sufficiently troublesome to make these stealth groupings a staying point, however, it’s a unique little something you can’t resist the opportunity to take a gander at and wonder why this made it into the last amusement.

the order 1886 2The fancier closures of the weapons store come graciousness of Nikola Tesla, who moves with your request. The fancier closures of the armory additionally don’t show up too much of the time, either, so you’re doing the majority of your messy work with exceptionally standard-feeling weapons. Like a great deal of different shooters, the greater part of the guns in The Order are truly precise, making it simple to pile on headshots and take out most standard adversaries before they even turn into a risk.

The Order 1886

Beside battling werewolves, which isn’t almost as intriguing as it sounds and includes an excess of on-screen catch prompts, the riskiest foe in The Order is a shielded man with a shotgun. The Order. It has a battle that you can play alone. On the off chance that you like, you can play it again once you’re finished. You can even choose a part or checkpoint to replay a particular segment of the diversion.

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